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Termites in Missouri

A termite colony contains;  workers, soldiers, swarmers and a king and queen. 
Workers are the most common. They are about a quarter inch long and look like pieces of rice.  Soldiers look like workers but with red pinchers.  Swarmers are black with long wings and are often mistaken for ants.  The king and queen are rarely seen above ground.  The colony lives in the soil and travels in and out of the house through dampened soil tubes about the size of a drinking straw.  These tubes can sometimes be seen on your foundation, but are more often hidden under porches or entering thru a crack or seam.  The longer a colony is infesting a home, the more entry points they will have.  If termites are suspected please get the help of a professional before damage gets worse.  Spraying may kill a few termites but will do little to stop the colony. 
Termites are always foraging for new food sources.  A colony that may have originated in buried wood will eventually progress into the adjacent homes.  Never have wood parts of the house or siding in contact with the soil.
For many years the only way to control termites was to drill holes through the perimeter of the basement, the garage and thru porches and patios connected to the house.  A large volume of poison is then pumped through these holes and into the soil below.  This creates a barrier to keep termites out.  Termites in the house die from dehydration assuming they do not find a moisture source in the house.  Apple uses a termitacide called Termadore to create this barrier.
Since 1998 there has been an option to use bait to eliminate termites.  Stations are located in the ground around the home and eliminates the above described drilling.  This system not only kills termites in the house but also kills the entire colony to prevent future infestation.  Apple Exterminating uses the Sentricon baiting system.  It is the only bait proven to eliminate the entire colony.  Sentricon has been very reliable and has eliminated termites in homes with extensive infestations, that were not being controlled by chemical barriers.
See the termite section of our web site for additional information.