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Bed Bug information

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult and expensive insects to eliminate.  They can be brought into the home in luggage or on cloths.  The source is most often a hotel room or college dorm.  To help prevent bringing bed bugs home do not use hotel dressers.  If possible keep clean cloths in your suitcase and keep the suitcase on the chrome rack that is usually supplied.  When you get home dry clean or wash all cloths and dry on high heat.  Some travelers also spray the inside of suit cases with an insecticide labeled  for this purpose.
If bed bugs are brought into the home, most will migrate to any crack or crevice within 15 feet of a bed.  They also like areas around or in upholstered furniture.  Blood spots, fecal matter or shed skins may be found in the crevices of a mattress or box spring.  The adults are approximately 5 mm or 3/16 inch long, reddish brown, oval and flat.  The immature bed bugs are smaller and more opaque.  The eggs are clear and are too small to see.  Bed bugs hide so well that the insects themselves are often not seen.
Bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide that people exhale while sleeping.  They travel to the bed to feed at night and hide during the day.  Bed bugs can cause itchy red blotches on the skin, most often on the face, neck or arms.  These blotches are caused by allergic reactions to bed bug bites.  Some people will have no reaction and show no signs of being bitten.
If you suspect bed bugs in your home have an inspection done by a professional.  There are many products sold as a do it yourself solution to bed bugs.  Most of these products may kill a bed bug that is sprayed directly, but will do little to solve the problem.   Call an exterminating company that specializes in bed bug control.  They will instruct you on the preparations required and use the proper products and insecticides for each area to be treated.